Wooden Plant Stands

Jan 7th
Wooden Plant StandsTall Wooden world
Wooden Plant StandsTall Wooden world

Wooden plant stands – A plant stand can be constructed using several designs from the design of the stand with one leg, or a wooden stand plant resembling a small table. Wood plant stands can be constructed even as shelves stacked or layered to include more than one surface to sit the plants. Build a wooden planter for use indoor or outdoor free to show their plants in small pots.Cut the plywood or wooden blocks in the shape and size you want for the useful surface of the sole of the foot.

Court circular or curved forms,  wooden plant stands  you will need a rotary saw, while the surface with straight edges and corners can be cut with a saw miter saw. Decide on the number of legs for place in the cradle of the plant. If you want to use only one leg, cutting another block to attach to the bottom of the leg. Second, preferably larger block will distribute the weight of the base and the plant to prevent the fall.Cut the studs, square, circular, carved or even made of wood from the landscape, in the length you need. You can make your stand anywhere in 1 foot of height to the height of the Stud.

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Cut the posts or legs to the same length,  wooden plant stands  unless you make more than one plant stand, or a multi level support.Push the blocks, then cut in desired form, in the legs. Start with the smaller upper block and nail or screw of the block in the leg or legs. Turn on top and then place the piece below if they are only used one or two legs.Sand all surfaces of wood plant stand to remove roughness, sharp edges and splinters. You can completely eliminate the appearance of the wood by sanding and then paint.

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