Super Comfortable Cushion Firm Mattress

Mar 8th
Sealy Cushion Firm Mattress
Sealy Cushion Firm Mattress

Cushion firm mattress – Sciatica is a common ailment among those who remain seated for a long time and among pregnant women. It is a consequence of the compression of the sciatic nerve. The largest in the body, which passes through the lower part of the spine and the hip, branching along the gluteus and thigh. Its main symptoms include pain, numbness, weakness and sensations of tingling in the legs.

It is very painful, but can be alleviated to some extent with the use of a wedge cushion. Some people use a donut-shaped cushion. Which can provide relief in short periods of use. But donut-shaped cushion firm mattress have the disadvantage that by using them frequently. Or for very long times, they exert pressure on the perineum area.

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To maintain comfort for longer, avoiding pressure points, a viscoelastic foam wedge cushion firm mattress will always be better. The use of a wedge cushion is also recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids. And sometimes in cases of enlarged prostate. This material adapts to the curves of your body, is the perfect complement that will help you position your back in a natural way since its inclined shape pushes your pelvis forward while you perform your daily activities.

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