Repair a Scratched Formica Kitchen Table

Apr 3rd
formica kitchen table picture
formica kitchen table picture

Formica kitchen table looks good in your contemporary kitchen with urban life style that is nice and sweet very much. Formica kitchen table is a solid surface regularly utilized on cabinets of kitchens, bathrooms and pantries. Formica can be scratched or cut unintentionally, leaving an opening for further harm.


1.Clean the Formica kitchen table altogether in the zone of the repair. Scour along the scratch with ch3)2co to uproot any extra slick stores.
2.Blend a nickel-size measure of fluid grating cleaning agent with water until it is the consistency of thick cream. Sand the edges of the scratch with this mixture and 320-coarseness sandpaper. Don’t sand in loops as this makes the scratch more noticeable.
3.Sand the scratch. Begin from 1.800-coarseness and go to logically better corn meal until you achieve 4,000-coarseness. You may need to thin your glue mixture to a more smooth state amid this methodology.
4.Clean the Formica repair region a second time. As of right now, the scratch may be basically undetectable.
5.Apply crease filler that matches the shade of your Formica kitchen table to a bit of scrap cardboard and blend it with a putty blade. Get the filler and apply the filler along the scratch. Rub off the overabundance. Clean around the edges with ch3)2co. After the filler dries, sand delicately with 320-coarseness sandpaper and shine if essential.

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