Laminate Floor to Entryway Tile

Apr 4th
Small Entryway Tile
Small Entryway Tile

Entryway tile – Two of the easiest transition effects techniques to use between laminate flooring and a tiled porches installing a housing strip or by means of a T-release profile piece. T- transition technique involves the use of a prefabricated wooden piece that snaps into a metal track and gives a more visible transition between laminate and tile entryway. But it is ideal when the height of the tile and the height of the laminate floor area is not the same. T-adapter will cover for the difference.

Target length between entryway tile and laminate to transition piece with a tape measure. Was detected in the transition space area. Use a T-square to make sure that the track is located just. Use a hammer to drill holes in the floor material on your marking points with a ¼-inch masonry bit. Drill down about 1 1/2 inches. Insert 1/4-inch wooden dowels in the tags for drill holes.

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Set T- transition track in place. Measure and cut the T- transition piece with a miter saw. Add T- transition piece on top of the track to see if you will need to make adjustments on the ends. Use a rubber mallet to tap on the piece so that it clicks firmly to complete your entryway tile on laminate transition project.

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