How to Make Own Mudroom Locker

Apr 11th
White Mudroom Locker
White Mudroom Locker

Mudroom locker – First to make your own mudroom locker is place a piece of plywood 3 by 4 inches on a desk. Measure and mark a line 16 ½ inch width of the timber, and then measure and mark a line 18 inches long. Cut the board along these brands with a circular saw. Repeat with three more pieces of plywood than sand all the wood.

Place the two pieces of 70-inch plywood on the worktable. Place a piece of 16 ½ inches above the top of each piece of 70 inches. Place another piece of 16 ½ inches above the bottom of each piece of 70 inches, ensuring the pieces put flush upper and lower, and front to back. Measure 1 foot down from the top of the box and make a mark. Secure the remaining parts 16 ½-by-18-inch-long plywood manufacturers to create shelves of mudroom locker. Place the remaining piece of plywood on top of the box, face down.

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Apply any songs or finishing material for cabinet box to the exposed edges of your backroom input box. Fill the screw holes with wood filler and then sand the cabinet to make it smooth. Applied paint than locate wall studs where you are connecting the mudroom locker using a stud finder. Place the cabinet against the wall and drill a set of screws on the top of the box office and through the wall stud. Drill another set of screws on the bottom of the cabinet.

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