How to Identify a Drexel Heritage Dining Table Hutch

Jul 25th
drexel heritage dining table designs
drexel heritage dining table designs

Drexel Heritage dining table – The Drexel Heritage name is a broadly regarded one in the realm of furniture assembling. Numerous more seasoned bits of Drexel Heritage furniture are even now going solid after many years of utilization, and some have even expanded in worth.


1. Turn the Drexel Heritage dining table hutch around so that the once again of the piece is open. Be watchful moving the furniture, since old Drexel Heritage pieces can be substantial.
2. Search for a three-digit number, emulated by a dash and three more digits. This is the thing number appointed by Drexel Heritage dining table was fabricated. In the event that you see a thing number yet an alternate organization, you may have a piece that was made before 1971. The Drexel Heritage thing number configuration was not institutionalized until 1971.
3. Turn the eating table box over so you can get to the underside on the off chance that you don’t see a number stamped on the back. Drexel Heritage places its ID numbers either on the again of the piece or on the underside.
4. Record the thing number, alongside the accumulation name and surmised creation year in the event that you have Drexel Heritage dining table.

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