Hallway Table in a Small Space

Feb 7th
Wood Design Hallway Table
Wood Design Hallway Table

The hall is a highly functional space in the house, but to the extent that the spaces where we live become smaller each time, the most current properties do not include a space defined for the receiver. However this is not a limitation for us to have one, so today I bring ideas to build a hallway table, even in the smallest spaces.

The hallway table is the space that is close to the access door to the house or apartment, it is the first place you see upon entering, and to do highly works must incorporate these 5 elements: A clean feet may seem pretty obvious, but it is necessary something to wipe your feet before entering the house to leave the dirt outside, or even leave your shoes outside.

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Hooks:  to leave the wallet / purse or coat when you get home. A surface:  it can be a hallway table or a shelf brings closer, it is essential to be an area where you can place objects. A paper:  ideal for keeping order at home, and thus easily go eliminating the papers are not necessary. My house also had a hall, but I managed to put together one after the gateway, in a small wall: When space reaches, ideally bring closer install a hallway table that can be used to store things, as long as it does not interfere with traffic in this area.

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If space is small for a hallway table bring closer, you can install a floating shelf or brackets. The same function, but is perceived as visually lighter. You can make to order a cabinet that fits the dimensions of your room, so you can take advantage of even the smallest spaces of your home. In this case there was no space near the door, so they set up a reception in the hall between the couch and staircase. A small table serves to bring closer the receiver structure.

Papering the wall of the hall is a good choice helps you make an impact on income, and being a space (usually) small, will be less expensive parallelogram.The foyer is the first thing you see upon entering, so it is ideal to surprise with a touch of color instead, as in the case of this hallway table that was cut and leaning against the wall.

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