Easy DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Mar 14th
Diy Ideas For Picture Frames
Diy Ideas For Picture Frames

Do you know any DIY picture frame ideas that would be easy enough that everyone can do them? Most of the times when we see articles explaining about how to do something, we see DIY on the title. But later on, sometimes in the middle of the project, we realized that they are not DIY as we have difficulties in creating them. These DIY picture frames would end up as unfinished projects. If they require the professionals to do them, then they the title should not be something like DIY or Do It Yourself.

DIY Picture Frame Ideas to Renew the Old Frames

Take a walk to the attic and you may find unused frames that have been sitting at the same spot for years. Do not throw them away or leave them sitting there for another year as you can make them look new in only a matter of minutes. Star the process by cleaning the frames from dust. Remove the dust by using a damp cloth. The damp should be enough to attract the dust but not too much as to destroy the frames. Then you can take a brush and dip it to silver paint. Apply the silver paint by using the dry brush technique and you will have a silvery and grainy new frame.

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Turning Old Bottles to DIY Picture Frames

Do you have some unused bottles? If you do, then you can actually turn these bottles to picture frames instead of throwing them away. Simply put the photos inside of the bottles and arrange the bottles on the table. Then you can add some decorations around the bottle such as sticking some pearls with glue on the sides of the bottles or simply put colorful small balls inside of the bottles. Feel free to make your own creations or browse the internet to get more ideas.

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