Donut Seat Cushion for Bedsores

Sep 10th
Sweet Donut Seat Cushion
Sweet Donut Seat Cushion

In the case of training or risk of training in the sacral area of pressure injuries called “deceits sores “. The first thing we think about is that the affected part presenting the lesion must “breathe”. And should not rest directly on a surface. For this reason, in the common thought we opt for the solution of the famous donut seat cushion. The central drilling is supposed to allow optimal transpiration and avoid direct contact with too rigid surfaces.

Unfortunately, as well as not being the solution, the donut seat cushion is likely to make the situation worse. Let’s take a step back and try to understand better what pressure lesions consist of, commonly called pressure sores. The bedsores that are formed in the sacral area are caused precisely by a lack of regular supply of blood. And also oxygen caused by the prolonged pressure exerted in this area. The lesion is born because the alteration of the bloodstream causes a reduced inflow of oxygen.

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And, as a consequence, the fabric is not nourished and does not remain “alive”. This could make us think that it facilitates healing and is of relief for the patient. The donut seat cushion is now a thing of the past. Because apparently it has the advantage of “transpiring” the injured part. But in reality the patient’s body unloads all the weight on the area surrounding the lesion. Blocking both the blood circulation and the supply of oxygen in the injured area and consequently further compromises the situation.

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