Cleaning Floor Cushion Seat

Feb 6th
Western Floor Cushion Seat
Western Floor Cushion Seat

Floor cushion seat – Cleaning pillows are part of taking care of your bedding. Cleaning with steam a pillow can help counteract the presence of pests and allergens, such as dust mites, better than traditional methods, such as machine wash. Additionally, cleaning with steam will not take your pillow out of service for several days to wait for drying. Traditional laundry methods can leave moisture in pillows, which encourages mold growth. If you need to rent a steam cleaner to clean a feather pillow, go ahead and clean all the pillows in your house to get the most out of your investment.


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Remove floor cushion seat or protective coatings from the pillowcases you want to clean. Fill the steam cleaner to the appropriate water level indicated on the tank, and install the correct steam head. Connect the device and allow it to heat sufficiently according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Hold the head of the detergent on the pillow, beginning at a corner, and make stiff movements in sections across the pillow until the entire surface is covered. Repeat. Turn the pillow and repeat the cleaning with the steam process on the other side.

Tips and warnings

If desired, a floor cushion seat can be fluffed after a steam clean by placing it in a tumble dryer with a pair of tennis balls. Extremely careful when driving a steam cleaner, as the steam can cause burns.

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