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Aug 1st
White Garage Mudroom Bench

Garage mudroom-Every house should have a mudroom, a transition area where coats, hats, shoes and umbrellas are kept organized and in one place. If you’re looking for a room in your home to incorporate a mudroom and do not have much room, look no further than the garage. Already a transitional space between the house and outdoors, the garage mudroom is a perfect place to hold family goods organized.

Clear out an area in the garage that will turn into a garage mudroom space, so close to the door leading into the house as possible. Sweep the floor, remove various articles and take everything down from the wall, creating a blank slate to work with. Measure the space. Buy laminated shoe storage, either one or two depending on the size of your mudroom area. Mount it laminated shoe organizer (s) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the shoe organizer up to the wall. If you have two organizers, place them side by side.

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Cut a piece of 1×4 wood measure the length of the shoe organizer (s). Measure 55 inches from the floor and use a level to draw a straight line on the wall above the organizers. Use a stud finder to draw an X just below the line to mark the studs. Place the 1×4 on the wall with the bottom of the wood on the drawn line and drill holes in wood and rivets. Use screws to attach the wood to the wall. Use hooks for coats and umbrellas. Place the baskets on top of the shoe organizer to keep hats and gloves organized. Use shelves to store out-of-season goods.

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