How to Build a Embrace Loft Bed 4×4

Jan 29th
Embrace Loft Bed
Embrace Loft Bed

Embrace loft bed – Mark these clearly with a pencil. Levels in asparagus, mark a line height you want the bed, at least a foot wide at each location. Build legs. Now it will build four legs to the bed. Using the measures taken before, cut four 4×4 up to bed. The use of the mountain, take a length of 4×4 and cut into 8 squares. Cut each of these squares in the middle.

Measure 3 ½ inches from the top of each 4×4 and make a line on both sides aunaba. In the same sides, measure two meters high from the bottom of the 4×4, and place two more lines. Mount the frame for embrace loft bed. Cut four 4×4 to the width and the length of the mattress plus ½ inch for safety. Joining two sides of the bed separately.

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Lie props on its sides, a game of feet parallel to the ground and the other pointing up in the air. Line them up so you can put the two side struts between them. Set the bed. Place one side of the bed to the wall selected. Complete bed. Once the bed is fastened to the wall, cutting the sheet of plywood with size and fix it to the top of the bed frame. Embrace loft bed is completed.

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